A Comprehensive Study on the Use of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Muhammed Miah


Blockchain technology has emerged as a potential solution to improve healthcare services by offering secure, transparent and efficient management of healthcare data. The paper presents an overview of the applications, benefits, challenges and recommendations for using Blockchain technology in healthcare. A systematic literature review has been conducted to identify relevant articles published in recent years, using the PRISMA framework to ensure methodological rigor. The review has revealed that Blockchain technology can be used in various healthcare applications, including data management, drug supply chain management, clinical trials, medical record keeping, and telemedicine. Blockchain technology offers several benefits in healthcare, such as secure and efficient data sharing, real-time access to patient data, improved patient outcomes, and lower costs. However, the adoption of Blockchain technology in healthcare also presents some challenges, such as regulatory barriers, interoperability issues, data privacy and security concerns, and technical limitations. To overcome these challenges, recommendations are provided, including developing a regulatory framework, addressing interoperability issues, implementing robust data privacy and security measures, and investing in Blockchain technology research and development.


Blockchain, distributed ledger; disrupted technology; healthcare

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DOI: 10.7250/itms-2023-0001


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