State of the Art in the Healthcare Cyber-physical Systems

Alyona Skorobogatjko, Andrejs Romanovs, Nadezhda Kunicina


For several years, experts from different fields are interested in virtual and physical world interaction opportunities. Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are developed to integrate real physical processes and virtual computational processes.   CPSs are used in multiple areas such as medicine, traffic management and security, automotive engineering, industrial and process control, energy saving, ecological monitoring and management, avionics and space equipment, industrial robots, technical infrastructure management, distributed robotic systems, protection target systems, nanotechnology and biological systems technology. CPS sensors generate the sensitive data that must be protected and shared only in a secure manner. This paper provides an overview of CPSs, their application in medicine and compliance with existing standards and possibilities for further advanced system development.


Embedded systems; healthcare cyber-physical system; sensor networks

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